Crisis Intervention Teams

It will be exciting to hear Sam Cochran speak on Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) here on October 7 and on Verbal De-escalation on October 8 during Mental Illness Awareness Week 2015. Details will be available soon. For now, consider that:
“At its core, CIT is a model of collaboration to improve how police, mental health services,
and communities respond to mental health crisis. The model brings stakeholders together to
advocate for the implementation of CIT, develop a program tailored to the community,
implement the training and supporting interagency agreements, and provide ongoing
collaboration.” from “The Crisis Intervention Team Model of Police Response to Mental Health Crises: A Primer for Mental Health Practitioners” by Amy C. Watson, PhD and

Anjali J. Fulambarker, MSW. Read the full article at this link to this excellent article on Crisis Intervention Teams.
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