Filling the Gap – States address mental health issues

Some states are increasing funding for mental health services due to the desperate need in many areas. State Legislatures January 2015 issue summarizes some of the effective programs being funded around the country.  Read the article “Filling the Gap” by Suzanne Weiss.  Here are some examples from the article:

  • Additional funding in Texas of $250 million over two years only brought the funding back to the 1999 level.
  • Colorado use $18.5 million to start a statewide mental health crisis hotline and established 5 mental health crisis centers.
  • Oregon added $67 million in 2013 to expand residential psychiatric treatment and juvenile mentla health services.
  • Texas requires K-12 teachers and staff to be trained to recognize mental health issues in students.
  • Several states funded suicide prevention programs.

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